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Invention of the Float Robert McCay Green invented floats in 1874 by combining vanilla ice cream with soda water and a choice of 16 different syrups. They were instant hits.

Fizzcup for Vendors

Now the ice cream soda float has been perfected. Fizz® Cups allow anyone to control their own float by adding small amounts of soda into contact with the ice cream.

Filling & Serving Fill a Fizz® Cup with 4-5 ounces of ice cream to within approx. ½” from the rim.
Snap the lid onto the cup, and assure that it fits snug. It is designed to stay on the cup more tightly than most drink lids.

Select a bottled beverage, and remove the cap.

Attach the Fizz® Cup onto bottle (fits common 12,16, 20, 24 oz, 1-liter, & 2-liter bottles) by twisting it onto the bottle clock-wise until snug. Do not over-tighten. For glass drink bottles (beer or soda), attach by pressing down firmly on the Fizz® Cup until it snaps onto the lip of the bottle.

Fizz® Cup can be removed from the bottle anytime and can be replaced on the bottle again later.
To mix the ingredients, the bottle can be squeezed by hand or tipped to let fluids flow into the cup. When the bottle is below half-full, tip it to allow fluid into the cup.

Sip the float through the spout (hole) in the lid. Repeat and enjoy. No straw is required.

Rinse & Reuse After finishing, remove Fizz® Cup from the bottle, and rinse the cup and lid thoroughly in warm water, then dry. Do not wash in automatic dishwasher.

Fizz® Cup is designed for reuse many times if cared for properly.
Maximum capacity of Fizz® Cup is 7 fl oz.

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